Almond Matcha Pudding

If you like green tea you will like this matcha pudding. Try something different than just flan.
creamy sweet and slight bitterness from the green tea to complement the sweetness that's how it taste like.

Almond 80g
sugar 80g
agar agar 1g
water 250-300 ml
heavy cream 200ml

* Soak almond and agar agar in water for 2-3 hours
* after soaking put in a blender with 250ml water and blend until smooth
* Strain the mixture through a cheese cloth as much as you can
* add 200ml heavy cream and soaked agar agar and sugar
* boil the mixture until agar dissolves
* add little water if you need to boil longer and the mixture thickens too much
* brush little oil in the pudding mould
* pour the hot mixture thru a strainer into the mould
* Refrigerate pudding for 2-3 hours or until sets

*Do not through away the leftover strained almond. you can use this in pancake batter, make cookies, or just bake until crispy and sprinkle as toppings.
* you can also make caramel sauce to serve on top of the pudding


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