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mayonnaise recipe/garlic mayo--Cooking A Dream

  Ingredients: 1 cup oil(canola, sunflower, corn) 1egg 2 tsp garlic powder or minced 1/2 tsp salt or to taste 1/2 tsp sugar 1tsp pepper black or white 1tbsp vinegar 1/2 tsp mustard paste Method: crack an whole egg in the jar add oil and all the seasoning use a stick blender to blend it is important to start blending at the bottom and very slowly pull it upward  don't blend it all together at the beginning If you make this in a regular blender add the egg and spices then drizzle the oil very slowly while running the blender.                                                    --------------------------------------------

How to make yogurt culture/starter at home-- Cooking A Dream

Ingredients: whole milk lemon or fresh chilli Method: boil the milk and cool it down  pour in a small bowl, add chilli with stem or  cut one side of lemon and dip in the milk do not squeeze the lemon juice out half cover the bowl leave it in a warm place until thickens (15-20 hours) this is the primary culture. you can use 1tsp culture per 1/2cup of milk to make secondary culture. the secondery culture you can use to make actual yogurt. Notes: * Don't cover the bowl completely, keep a little opening so that the bacteria in the air can go in. *although mine took three days to achieve the perfect yogurt, yours could take more because this is natural bacteria from the air causing the progress, It depends on how much bacteria present in the environment and the supportive weather, so the time limit may vary. *use a small amount of milk until you get the right taste so that you don't waste a lot of milk.                                         -

how to make butter at home/how to make butter milk -- Cooking A Dream

Ingredient: whipping cream/heavy cream Method: make sure the whipping cream is very cold and has at list 35% or more fat content you  can chill the cream into the freezer for 20-30 mins beat very cold whipping cream using a stand mixture until milk and butter separates drain liquid from the butter squeeze butter in between your palm to drain all the liquid possible collect butter in a square box to shape a block and refrigerate                                                    ---------------------------------------------------

How to Make Hot Oil/Chilli Oil #cookingadream

This is how I make hot oil or chili oil. I pretty much use it in everything that calls for a kick rice, soup,dumpling, noodles......except desserts­čśä I eyeballed the ingredients, you could adjust according to your preference. Ingredients: dry chili flakes(around 1/2 cup) oil around 3/4 to 2 cups garlic finely (chopped 3 cloves) salt 1tsp sesame seeds 2 tsp 1star anise 2 bay leaves cinnamon sticks Method: Crash dry chili in grinder or you could buy hot chili flakes Add saseme seeds,salt and finely chopped garlic along with chili flakes in a big bowl  make sure garlic goes on top Pour oil in a pan Add star anise, cinnamon sticks and bay leaf Fry until oil is very hot and spices darkens in color now pour the hot oil on top of the garlic stir constantly to incorporate everything store in a jar when cools down  you can keep it on the counter for I thing 6 months. Mine never last more than 2 months tho.                                               ------

How to make ghee #cookingadream

you never know what is in your store-bought ghee.why take the risk if you can make it at home so easily in just 15 minutes. Method  Through A block of unsalted butter in a sauce pan and boil over medium low heat until the butter solid seems Brown from the edges. Do not brown compliantly from the middle, the bottom will burn. Do not boil over high heat. Do not stir otherwise milk solid will be mixed with oil and burn, later on it will be difficult to strain. Notes: * Do not stir otherwise milk solid will get mixed with the oil which will be difficult to separate. * Make sure not to burn the bottom but you need to brown the bottom to get the nutty aroma and color and longer shelf life. * turn off when you see the top milk solid browns a little from the edges, that way you know the bottom is brown but not burnt.

strawberry sauce/jam recipe for dessert topping

This is a very versatile strawberry syrup. you can use in the smoothie, yogurt on top of a cake, trifle or make a little thick like jam. Ingredients: sour strawberry 450g 1 apple 11/2 cup sugar( depends on the sourness of strawberry) 1tbsp cornstarch pinch of salt (optional)` Method: wash and cut off stem part of strawberries and apple make a puree using a blender add sugar and corn starch mix well then boil until thickens to your desired consistency refrigerate in a airtight jar for two three months  -----------------------------------------------

Homemade Thick Yogurt Recipe/ like store bought/creamy yogurt

I make yogurt at least once a week and here is my go to recipe for How to make thick creamy yogurt like store bought. Ingredients: full cream milk 1L milk powder-1cup sugar-2tbsp yogurt culture/starter(real yogurt from the previous batch) -2tbsp (2-3tsp per cup of milk) Method: boil milk and reduce to 2/3 or add a cup of powdered milk add sugar during boiling let the milk cool down till it comes down to the body temperature beat culture yogurt to loosen up (actual yogur from the previous batch) add culture yogurt (2tsp- 2tbsp per cup of milk)  mix well, cover and let it set in a warm place for 3-4 hours transfer to the refrigerator when set Notes: 1. thicker milk makes thicker yogurt. 2. if starter or culture yogurt is added to hot milk, it will kill live bacteria and yogurt will not set. 3. if you can dip your finger in the milk for 30sec and it doesn't heart your finger but still feels warm you know it's ready to add culture. 4. if you set yogurt a

Egg Less Mayonnaise Recipe/Vegetarian Mayo

I like mayonnaise but raw egg! not my thing.I still make egg mayo but use for cooking purposes. for the sandwich spread I love this egg less mayonnaise.Tastes exactly the same but no raw egg.One of my viewers suggested adding a boiled egg yolk, haven't tried yet Ingredients: note: use all seasoning as per your taste. oil (any vegetable oil) 1 cup(room temperature) whole milk 1/2 cup (room temperature) lemon juice or vinegar 1 tbsp salt to taste ( i used little less than 1/2 tsp) sugar to taste(i used 1/2 tsp) mustard paste 1/4 tsp(optional) garlic powder or paste 1/2 tsp Method: *A stick blender will work the best for this recipe *pour milk, oil and seasoning in the blender jar *start blending at the bottom of the jar, when the bottom starts to thicken pull the blender stick up words slowly *don't blend everything at once *blend until desired thickness *refrigerate for further thickening *if you use blender, don't add oil at once. drizzle sl