Easy Steamed Cupcake Cecipe

Ingredients for 6 medium cupcakes:
1 cup cake flour (120g)
1/3 cup sugar (70g)
1/2 tbsp baking powder(4g)
1 egg(49g)
3/4 cup milk (130g)
3 tbsp butter (40g)
1 tsp strawberry flavour (6g)
1 tsp lemon juice (7g)
1/4 tsp salt(1g)

  • prepare your steamer
  • sift flour and baking powder together, make sure well incorporated
  • add sugar and mix together, mixing sugar with dry flour reduce lump in the batter
  • now add rest of the ingredients and mix just until incorporated
  • mix the lemon juice at the end
  • line cupcake tray with the paper cup, fill 2/3 of the cup with the batter
  • steam on medium low heat  for 15 mins
  • turn off the heat and wait for 5 mins before opening the lid
* Mix sugar and dry flour first to minimise lump
* don't  mix the batter too much
* keep the heat high until water come to a boil then turn down to medium low and steam 15 minutes
* you can use any kind of flavour you like