chocolate chip cookies-crispy outside & chewy inside

how to make chocolate chip cookie/ crispy and chewy, less sweet,perfect recipe
crispy outside and chewy inside most of all easy to make.

all-purpose flour 120g(1¼ cup)
brown sugar-100g(½cup)
white sugar-50g(⅓cup)
salt- ¼tsp
baking soda-½tsp
vanilla extract-1tsp
chocolate chip-90g(¾cup)

  • Cream room temperature butter and sugar
  • add egg, salt, vanilla and beat
  • sift baking powder and flour then add to the butter 
  • mix well then add chocolate chips
  • refrigerate for 15 min to firm up
  • divide in 9-10 equal cookies using a ice cream scoop
  • bake at 175°C/ 350°F for 15-20 Mins
  • let it cool down and enjoy

  • you can use more chocolate chips than i used if you like  
  • refrigerating the dough will help the cookies to hold there shape
  • If you make small cookies baking times will be less



    1. I doubled the recipe, added coconut and walnuts, and omg, everyone loved them! Great start off cookie recipe that can be added to.


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