Homemade Thick Yogurt Recipe/ like store bought/creamy yogurt

I make yogurt at least once a week and here is my go to recipe for How to make thick creamy yogurt like store bought.

full cream milk 1L
milk powder-1cup
yogurt culture/starter(real yogurt from the previous batch) -2tbsp (2-3tsp per cup of milk)

  • boil milk and reduce to 2/3 or add a cup of powdered milk
  • add sugar during boiling
  • let the milk cool down till it comes down to the body temperature
  • beat culture yogurt to loosen up (actual yogur from the previous batch)
  • add culture yogurt (2tsp- 2tbsp per cup of milk) 
  • mix well, cover and let it set in a warm place for 3-4 hours
  • transfer to the refrigerator when set

1. thicker milk makes thicker yogurt.
2. if starter or culture yogurt is added to hot milk, it will kill live bacteria and yogurt will not set.
3. if you can dip your finger in the milk for 30sec and it doesn't heart your finger but still feels warm you know it's ready to add culture.
4. if you set yogurt at a lower temperature for a long time the texture will be a little slimy but edible.
5. best if you see the yogurt set within 3 hours.
6. you can let the yogurt set beside your stove while you are cooking other things. that's the kind of warm temperature you need to set yogurt.