Chinese green onion pancake 蔥油餅/green onion paratha-- Cooking A Dream

plain flour (all- purpose flour) 2cups(250g)
salt 3/4 tsp (1/2 tsp if you like less salt or want to eat with other salty food)
sugar 1tsp
hot water 80ml
cold water 70-80ml depending on the type of flour & weather(make a soft & smooth dough)
finely chopped green onion

  1. Mix salt and sugar in the flour
  2. add hot water and mix
  3. now add cool water
  4. knead the dough well
  5. divide the dough and rest  for 20-30 mins covered 
  6. roll the dough round and thin 
  7. brush oil on top and spread finely chopped green onion(spring onion)
  8. now lift one side to fold inward then sidewise to make a pinwheel
  9. rest again for 20 mins to relax the dough
  10. roll it flat, this time a little thick
  11. then cook on medium heat with a little bit of oil until golden brown on both side
  12. serve hot

1.dough should be relaxed and easy to roll if it is rested enough. At any point, if you find it difficult to roll (shrinks back when you try to roll out)let it rest for 15 mins to relax then roll again.
2. serve hot to enjoy a crispy paratha.
3. 1tsp sugar will not make it sweet but enhance flavour.

reason for hot & cold water:
hot water will cook some gluten of the flour to make less chewy or stretchy.
cold water to stop cooking all the flour to balance softness and chewiness.


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    Will definitely be making these. Look so tasty. Mash Allah

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