Easy whipped cream & creamcheese frosting--Cooking A dream

low sugar insanely delicious cream cheese whip cream frosting for icing cake and desserts.

cream cheese 250g(1cup)
heavy cream  450g (2cups)(very cold, right out of the freeze)
powdered sugar 70g(2/3 cup)
any flavor 1tsp

  1. beat room temperature cream cheese
  2. add icing sugar and beat until smooth and fluffy
  3. add very cold heavy cream and essence you like
  4. beat just until stiff peak forms ( don't over beat at all)
*Keep the cream in the freezer for 15-20 mins before using to make it really cold.
*Do not over beat any whip cream frosting because whip cream curdles easily if over beaten
*Stop beating as soon as you see stiff peak
*If you want to add any food color, stop beating at soft peak stage then add color and beat until stiff peak.
* if curdles by mistake add a little cream and slowly beat again.


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