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GULAB JAMUN/only 15 mins soaking time ( with egg )-- Cooking A Dream

only takes 15 mins to soak this juicy sweet south Asian dessert that everyone loves. Here is the easy way to make Gulab Jamun. I've used an egg in this recipe but don't freak, It will make the Gulab Jamon very soft and yummy.You will not smell or taste any egg in there.

for sugar syrup:
water 2 1/2 cups (500ml)
sugar 2 cups 345g( 1 1/2cups if you like less sweet)
cardamom 1 
rose water if you like

for Gulab Jamon:
plain flour 3/4 of a cup (85g) all-purpose flour
full cream milk powder 1 cup (96g)
baking powder 2tsp(7g)
sugar 2tbsp (26g)
water 2tbsp (28g)
oil 3tbsp (35g)
large egg 1 (47g)

  1. make sugar syrup by boiling sugar water and 
  2. mix flour milk powder and baking powder together
  3. mix egg water oil and sugar in a separate bowl
  4. then mix with the flour just until combined
  5. cover the bowl and rest for 5 mins 
  6. make small balls and fry in very low heat
  7. take it out and soak in sugar syrup

Important Notes:
1.Do not stir the batter after the 5min resting time. It will flatten the spongy batter and gulab jamun will come out hard.

1.sift all dry ingredients. don't through away the powder milk lumps, crush and mix together.(didn't show on video)

2. mix all wet ingredients in a separate bowl then add in the dry ingredients.

3.mix altogether cover and rest for 5 mins and roll the balls gently. do not knead or roll tight.

4. 5 mins resting is important to work baking powder properly( if you find gulab jamun cracking while frying, press slightly while rolling to smooth out the surface, don't press too hard tho.)

5. fry in low heat (100°c) for 15-20 mins. ( high heat will cause burn from outside and raw inside)

6. stir constantly for even colour

7. soak in sugar syrup directly

8. use at list 2" oil to fry

9. it will take 15-20 mins to soak completely.


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