How to make ghee #cookingadream

you never know what is in your store-bought ghee.why take the risk if you can make it at home so easily in just 15 minutes.

Through A block of unsalted butter in a sauce pan and boil over medium low heat until the butter solid seems Brown from the edges. Do not brown compliantly from the middle, the bottom will burn.
Do not boil over high heat.
Do not stir otherwise milk solid will be mixed with oil and burn, later on it will be difficult to strain.

* Do not stir otherwise milk solid will get mixed with the oil which will be difficult to separate.
* Make sure not to burn the bottom but you need to brown the bottom to get the nutty aroma and color and longer shelf life.
* turn off when you see the top milk solid browns a little from the edges, that way you know the bottom is brown but not burnt.