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How to Make Hot Oil/Chilli Oil #cookingadream

This is how I make hot oil or chili oil. I pretty much use it in everything that calls for a kick rice, soup,dumpling, noodles......except desserts­čśä

I eyeballed the ingredients, you could adjust according to your preference.
dry chili flakes(around 1/2 cup)
oil around 3/4 to 2 cups
garlic finely (chopped 3 cloves)
salt 1tsp
sesame seeds 2 tsp
1star anise
2 bay leaves
cinnamon sticks

  • Crash dry chili in grinder or you could buy hot chili flakes
  • Add saseme seeds,salt and finely chopped garlic along with chili flakes in a big bowl 
  • make sure garlic goes on top
  • Pour oil in a pan
  • Add star anise, cinnamon sticks and bay leaf
  • Fry until oil is very hot and spices darkens in color
  • now pour the hot oil on top of the garlic
  • stir constantly to incorporate everything
  • store in a jar when cools down
 you can keep it on the counter for I thing 6 months. Mine never last more than 2 months tho.


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