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Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting/Low Sugar--Cooking A Dream

you can use this delicious chocolate cream cheese frosting on any cake. this icing is not so sweet.

Good for  a 2 layered 7" cake
cream cheese 250g(1 cup)
butter 80g(1/3 cup)
semisweet chocolate  100g(2/3 cup)+1tsp milk+1tsp vanilla
icing sugar 80g(3/4 cup)
nutella 15g(2 tbsp) optional

  1. beat room temperature cream cheese and butter together until smooth
  2. melt 100g chocolate with 1 tsp of milk in the microwave
  3. let it cool down then add in the cream cheese
  4. add powder sugar and nutella
  5. beat very well until fluffy and smooth
  6. if you see the mixture is too runny due to hot weather put in the refrigerator for some times.
  7. then beat again.
  8. ready to frost your cake.


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