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Doughnuts/Donuts recipe/How to Make Doughnuts -- Cooking A Dream

These doughnuts are crispy, fluffy, soft, buttery, sweet, fresh, what else !!!! fresh doughnuts are delicious.

Ingredients for 8-10 doughnuts:
plain flour 300g (2cups-pressed)
Lukewarm milk 110g (120ml)(½ cup +2tbsp)  
Instant yeast 1+ ¼ tsp 
sugar 37g (3tbsp)
salt 5g (¾ tsp)
egg 49g (1)
butter 30g (2tbsp)

  1. make a dough by mixing all the ingredients together
  2. knead dough well
  3. brush some oil on top and rest the dough covered until rise to double the size
  4. take out the dough and roll it 1/4 " thin
  5. with the help of 2 round cookie cutter cut ring shape donuts
  6. cover and let them rise
  7. fry them in low heat until brown
  8. roll in sugar or glaze

1.If you over-proof it could deflate when you try to lift it for frying.
2.If you under proof doughnuts will not be fluffy enough.
3. temperature of the oil should be 170°C or medium.
4. high heat will burn the outside before inside cooked properly.
5. undercooked doughnut will have a strong yeast smell.
6. over cooked donut will be dense.


  1. What is the self life of the product?

  2. Can I replace milk to water because I have milk allergy

    1. I'm no food scientist but I think you can. Just make sure it's slightly warm water so it helps activate the yeast. Stay safe!

  3. Replies
    1. You can use either, but if you use unsalted butter I recommend you remove don't use the 3/4 tsp of salt. Or else it might be too salty. Sorry, this is very late :P

    2. Whoops I meant remove/don't use

  4. How much I must put it to rest after shaping

    1. Maybe around 10-20 minutes. But keep a close eye on it! Don't let if rest for too long.

  5. If i don't have yeast can I use baking soda or powder and how much should I use


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