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How To Make Cake Pops From Leftover Cakes--Cooking A Dream

I was making too many cakes as my routine experiments and had some leftover I couldn't think of anything else but these.

There is no exact measurement for this recipe. because I don't know how much cake you are going to work with. just listen to your heart.
any kind of butter cake(not oil based cake)
cream cheese or whipping cream
chocolate and milk for coating( 1-2 tsp of milk per 100g of chocolate)

  1. mash your cake in a bowl
  2. add cream cheese or whipping cream little at a time until you can shape the mixture in small balls.
  3. make all the balls 
  4. melt chocolate in microwave, keep checking every 15 sec to avoid burning. It will take around 1 Min's depending on your chocolate size
  5. dip cake pop stick in the chocolate then insert in the cake balls
  6. refrigerate for 2 -3 hours
  7. warm up your chocolate again then dip cold cake pops in the melted chocolate to coat
  8. decorate however you like
  9. refrigerate until you serve.


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