Apple Crumble Recipe

mutton kabab

600g of minced meat
two medium-size potatoes
2 eggs
half an onion, a hand full of fresh mint, parsley and coriander

Dry powder spices Cumin ½ tsp Red chilli ½ tsp Turmeric ½ tsp White pepper ½tsp Black pepper ½ tsp Coriander ½ tsp Garam masala ½ tsp Nutmeg ¼ tsp Salt to taste Corn starch 2tbsp

Steam or microwave two medium-size potatoes

(Potatoes will be soggy if you boil)

Separate 2 eggs Add yolks in the meat
Mash everything thoroughly and make small patties
Beat the egg white, deep the patty in then Fry on medium-low heat

for detail instruction please follow the video