Bolo Bao

custard pudding upside down cake

 For caramel:

sugar 65g (⅓ cup)

water 30g (2tbsp)

15g (1 tbsp) hot water to melt the caramel at the end

Note: do not stir the sugar with a spatula otherwise the sugar will crystalize, just swirl the pan

For custard:

whole milk 400g (1 ½  cups)

sugar 65g (⅓  cup)

vanilla extract 1 tsp

4 eggs

cream 50g (4 tbsp)

note: do not pour boiling hot milk in the egg. 

For cake batter

flour 60g (⅓ cup)

sugar 50g (¼ cup)

2 eggs

Note: gram measurement is always more accurate

pan size: 25cm x 10cm

10 inch x 4 inch

 bake with a hot water bath for 65-70 minutes at150°c in a preheated oven

For detail instructions please follow the video


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