Apple Crumble Recipe

 For the Dough

Bread flour 300g (2 cups packed) (you can use all-purpose flour if you don't have it)

whole milk 140g (140ml) warm

salt 3g (½ tsp)

sugar 6g (½ tbsp)

butter 30g (2tbsp) approximately

oil 30g ( 2tbsp)

instant yeast 4g (1½ tbsp)

For chicken stuffings

cooked shredded chicken 200g (around 1 ½ cups)

cooking oil 3 tbsp

onion chopped 1/ 2 cup 

garlic 5 cloves

chicken tikka masala (1 ½ tbsp)

pinch of salt or to taste ( keep in mind that there is salt in cooked chicken, tikka masala, dough and cheese.)

Any fresh herbs of your choice

For details instruction please follow the video