spaghetti in mind blowing red sauce


all-purpose flour 300g (2 ½ cups approximately)

milk (warm) 130g (around ½ cup)

sugar 30g (3tbsp)( you can reduce to 2tbsp if you like less sweet)

salt 4g (¾ tsp)

instant yeast 8g ( 1 ½ tsp) ( if you use active dry yeast let it activate for 15 minutes in milk and sugar first)

egg 1

oil 30g( 3 tbsp)

grated mozzarella cheese  2-3 hand full or as needed

for garlic butter

butter 3tbsp

garlic powder 1tsp( you can use (fresh minced garlic too)

fresh parsley, rosemary 2 tsp ( or herbs of your choice)


please follow the video for details instruction


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