Chocolate Flower Tutorial Using Plastic Spoon/How To Make Chocolate Flower for cake decoration --Cooking A Dream

white chocolate 80g or as needed depending on  the size of your flower
some plastic teaspoons of 2 sizes (medium & small)

*melt white chocolate over a double boiler (place the bowl of chocolate over another bowl of boiling hot water covered for 5 mins then stir until completely melted)
*coat the back of the spoon with melted chocolate then place in the refrigerator until dry
*coat again to make the layer thick and sturdy
* let it dry in the refrigerator to dry faster
*gently twist the side of the spoon to release the chocolate flower petals
*clean the edges with a vegetable peeler if needed
*make extra in case some breaks
*in a small round bowl place a small piece of parchment paper
*deep petals in the melted chocolate then lay in the bowl
*place the second petal tilting slightly on the other
* 7petals in the first row, 5 on the second row and 3 small in the middle
*hold the petals on the place for few minutes until dries a little
* refrigerate until dry
* It will not melt in the room temperature.


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